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Why not visit our sister company Gifts Mania Uk that deals in personalised and unique gifts.They produce novelty personalised items such as mugs, b...

Can Ghd Straighteners Be Repaired

Can Ghd Straighteners Be Repaired - Ghd Recycle®

Here at Ghd Recycle we have a massive range of new and used parts for all models including the earliest releases. This enables us to complete 99% of all repairs within a 24 hour period, postage allowing most repairs are completed and returned the same day. 
Although based in Preston, Lancashire our repair service covers the length and breadth of the UK, return postage is even included in our price of £26.99, so with the exception of broken arm replacement or replacement ceramic plates you will never pay more than the advertised price.

Thermal protect and condition spray

Thermal protect and condition spray - Ghd Recycle®
After almost 12 months of tweaking and testing we are proud to release our own brand heat protection and conditioning spray under our Salon Aesthet...

Refurbished v Used

Refurbished v Used - Ghd Recycle®
Refurbished v Used Ok so why buy refurbished?? The words “refurbished” or “used” can make people nervous when looking to purchase electrical goods,...

Who are Ghd Recycle

Who are Ghd Recycle - Ghd Recycle®
Ghd Recycle are a registered partnership specialising exclusively in used and refurbished ghd hair straighteners. We have over 7 years experience ...

The ghd story

The ghd story - Ghd Recycle®
Where it began   ghd was founded in January 2001 by 3 entrepreneurs, Martin Penny, Gary Douglas and Robert Powls and based itself in Leeds. Robert ...