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Can Ghd Straighteners Be Repaired

The answer to this is yes, with the exception of the Ghd Eclipse, Platinum and the new Gold model then all previous Ghd models can be successfully repaired.
These include the original Ghd 3, Ghd 3.1, Ghd 4.0, Ghd 4.1, Ghd 4.2, Ghd 4.3, Ghd 5.0 all models including ss5 wide plates, ms5 mini plate. All earlier wide plate and narrow plate Ghd's are also repairable dependant on parts required.

Here at Ghd Recycle we have a massive range of new and used parts for all models including the earliest releases. This enables us to complete 99% of all repairs within a 24 hour period, postage allowing most repairs are completed and returned the same day. 
This also goes for our spare part sales, again all orders placed before 12.30pm are dispatched the same day.

With over 8 years experience fixing and refurbishing Ghd hair straighteners, we have wealth of knowledge. Should you require any advice regarding a repair then don't hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to advise you.

Also worth a mention, we only repair Ghd straighteners, we do not repair or deal with any other electrical appliances, we have 2 trained engineers exclusively repairing, recycling and refurbishing Ghd straighteners 5 days a week. 

Although based in Preston, Lancashire our repair service covers the length and breadth of the UK, return postage is even included in our price of £26.99, so with the exception of broken arm replacement or replacement ceramic plates you will never pay more than the advertised price.

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